What will You Become


Identity: It’s what you believe in, which becomes who you are, and establishes what you will do.

Stereotypes: It’s not about what you believe, but how you can be labeled; you are a Christian, a musician, a homeschooler, a college student, a pastor’s kid, etc. The list is long, it feels like it goes on for miles and it never ends.You are tired of staring at the list and feeling inadequate or odd.

The big problem is you are inadequate; you can never measure up without Christ, but your weakness does not define who you are. Christ determines who you are and in His eye you are His child and you are loved.

John 3:1 says; See what kind of love the Father has given to us that we should be called children of God.” 

When you have a stereotype placed upon your shoulders, it can be scary. You feel insufficient and awful, everyone is looking at you. Yet, “Through difficult relationships and circumstances, God is works to expose your heart so you will seek the grace that can only be found in Him.” (Paul David Tripp)

That gift of grace is free, it breaks all of the rules of sin and death. There is nothing on earth that stipulates who you are, or what you will become ever again.

You may never understand why you didn’t fit in with a certain group of people, but your identity is not based upon how other people perceive you or treat you. You are established on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.